Winter Electrical Safety – How to keep your family safe

Before you plug in your heater or electric blankets this winter be safe and follow our safety checklist to give your appliances a quick inspection:

  1. Is there any fraying on the cord? Pay particular attention to the section nearest the plug that gets the most wear and tear. Don’t use any item if the cord is frayed or any wires are visible.
  2. Inspect the item to check all pieces appear to be in their rightful place. Heating elements can become dislodged in space heaters. For electric blankets and heated pet mats, check the heating element is not exposed and there are no wires poking out.
  3. Give the item a good clean and remove all dust. Check any filters, if present.
  4. Test your electrical safety switch to make sure it is working.

Other safety tips to keep your family safe this winter:

  1. ALWAYS turn off your heater or electric blanket when not in use.
  2. Keep heaters away from curtains, bedding, wet areas, and high traffic areas of your home.
  3. Don’t use extension leads or power boards (? I added this) to power your heater. Plug directly into a wall socket.
  4. Don’t dry clothes by placing them directly on top of the heater.
  5. If your bed has an electric blanket on it be careful not to place heavy items on the bed, e.g. full laundry baskets or heavy suitcases. Heavy items can cause the wires in the blanket to break, or can cause hot spots, both of which can lead to a fire.
  6. When upgrading your heater think about the safety features it may have. Many heaters now come with a safety switch that turns the heater off if it overheats or if it is tipped.


If you would like a professional inspection of the safety of your heaters or electric blankets call. Tactical Electrical today on (02) 6369 1504 or email us at