Introducing the smart light bulb – a fun solution to your energy efficiency needs

We’re all accustomed to looking at the energy efficiency ratings of our appliances, but how often do you think about the energy efficiency of your lighting? With light bulbs used more often than any other electrical appliance, especially on these gloomy winter days, choosing an energy efficient light bulb can save you $$$; and if you can have some fun with the latest technology at the same time it just makes sense.

Here at Tactical Electrical we pride ourselves on offering our customers the latest and greatest in all electrical technology, and the latest in LED light bulbs is LIFX – the smart light bulb. An innovative reinvention of the light bulb, the LIFX light bulb is controllable with your Android phone or iPhone (via Wi-Fi), has multi-coloured light and brightness adjustment, and above all, is energy efficient.

The LIFX smart bulb is very easy to install and use. Swap over your traditional bulb and download and install a free app to control your smart light bulb and you’re ready to go in just a few minutes. Contact us today for further information about this fantastic new product.

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