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Latest News from Tactical Electrical

2103, 2018

Upgrading Light Bulbs to LED 

When light bulbs are upgraded to LED, savings are determined by the type of bulb currently used: • Upgrading from incandescent to LED lighting normally yields [...]

1609, 2017

Workplace Health and Safety

Tactical Electrical Prides itself on Work Safety Workplace health and safety is of utmost concern to us here at Tactical Electrical. Electricity is a very real and dangerous [...]

1609, 2017

Home Renovation 101, Safe removals

Home Renovation 101: Safe removal of light & power fittings for painting Here at Tactical Electrical we love a good home reno. Doing the job yourself can save [...]

1609, 2017

The Smart Light Bulb

Introducing the smart light bulb – a fun solution to your energy efficiency needs We’re all accustomed to looking at the energy efficiency ratings of our appliances, but [...]

1609, 2017

Unreliable Electricians?

Slow, unreliable Electricians are a hassle and cost you time and money. We recently attended an emergency call out to a customer’s home to repair the [...]

307, 2017

Split Systems or Ducted?

Installations of Split Systems and Ducted Air Conditioning systems Whether you need a quotation for a small Split System Air Conditioner in your lounge room or [...]

1605, 2017

How to choose the right sparky!

How to choose the right sparky There are many electrical contractors in Orange and the Central West. Finding one is easy however choosing a good one for the task requires attention [...]

1602, 2017

Bathroom Design

All bathrooms are designed for refreshment and comfort. Everyday bathrooms are designed to provide for economic personal hygiene. Others are designed for convenience for a modern lifestyle, or are [...]