LED Light Signs – Sleek, Thin & High Efficiency

Our LED light signs emit beautiful soft white light (CRI>80) and start instantly with no flickering, no humming and no RF interference. With a luminous efficacy of more than 100 Lm/W you can achieve energy savings of up to 70% when replacing traditional fluorescent light up signs.

The long life & low maintenance reliability of our ultra-Thin LED signs is further enhanced through a special circuit design that ensures that a single damaged LED does affect the entire panel.

LED technology is unique in that it produces a brilliant, yet clear light that is easy to read both close up and from a distance. Also, it stands out boldly in the night and is even intense enough to see when the sun’s shining. This means that no matter what time of day, and regardless of whether your customers are walking or driving past, they can get a clear impression of your sign’s message or logo.

Our LED light signs may be suspended, mounted or built in to fit any surface. The energy efficiency of LED lighting combined with lower maintenance cost delivers immense cost savings when replacing traditional lighting.

Our LED light signs can also be customised with unique range of framing to suit your business.

LED Lights
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LED Light Signs Product Range

ProductsDimensionsPower Consumption*Luminous Flux
TAC3060-1.5KG295 X 595 X 9MM24W- .52¢ PH2400 LM
TAC6060-3KG595 X 595 X 9MM36W- .78¢ PH3600 LM
TAC30120-3.75KG295 X 1195 X 9MM40W- .87¢ PH4000 LM
TAC60120-7.5KG595 X 1195 X 9MM48W- 1.05¢ PH3600 LM

* Based on 21.92c ph inc gst