Home Renovation 101: Safe removal of light & power fittings for painting

Here at Tactical Electrical we love a good home reno. Doing the job yourself can save a lot of time and money – although plumbing and electrical work should always be left to the professionals. Electricity is a very real and very dangerous item to work with, and let’s face it you don’t want any problems with the plumbing to your toilet … that could get very smelly indeed.

For novice DIYers, painting is a good job to cut your teeth on. Before painting, it pays to remove the face plates of light switches and power sockets. Usually these can be removed easily by levering off with a thin flat baled screwdriver. If stuck to the wall by previous paint work, a quick run around the edge with a razor blade may also be needed. If the face plate is old or damaged, new ones can be purchased from your local hardware store or electrical supplier. Be sure to cover the power socket with some masking tape to protect it from paint drips while you work.

For light fittings, you can remove any covers prior to painting but you should never try to remove the light fittings or the actual wiring. If you really do need to remove a fixture or fitting call a qualified electrician to safely do it for you.

For more information about electrical safety while renovating your home or to book a qualified electrician in the Central West.