Hair Straightener: Innocent home appliance or dangerous killer?

If you thought your hair styling appliances were completely safe … think again. We recently came across a deadly hair straightener. The owner had needed medical attention after receiving an electric shock when using the appliance. Thankfully, the owner is fine but she very well could have lost her life as she also didn’t have a safety switch installed in her home.

Inspection of the straightener revealed the cause of the problem – the cord was wrapped very firmly around the item. Similarly, the cords to her other hair styling appliances were also wrapped tightly around the handles. Wrapping the cords in this manner can lead to snapping of the wires within the cord, particularly since most people wrap the cords when the appliance is still warm. This quickly turns your innocent appliance into a potential killer.

To keep yourself safe, store your appliances in a drawer or a small basket with the cord lying loose in the bottom. Or you could purchase dedicated hair-dryer/straightener hooks or racks from a hardware or other storage solution store.

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