All bathrooms are designed for refreshment and comfort. Everyday bathrooms are designed to provide for economic personal hygiene. Others are designed for convenience for a modern lifestyle, or are artistically designed to create a luxurious environment of pure relaxation.

Simple water-saving fixtures and accessories are environmentally friendly and cost effective for any design. Peaceful colours and handcrafted accessories add warmth. Oversized windows let in sunshine and natural heat on warmer days and add to the tranquillity. Use of materials made from recycled materials, including tiles, can allow you to give back to the environment.

For the modern, fast-paced lifestyle a stimulating ambience with stunning lighting and thoughtful storage solutions can add to the comfort and decor of the bathroom. Delicate fresh flowers or herbs in a small vase will work in bathrooms with earthy tones and soft colours.

For a luxuriously, elegant bathroom couple soft comforting colours with a rich accent colour. For extra appeal include a dynamic vanity and dressing area, a sharp mirror, magnificent lighting arrangements, or an elevated bathing area with a spa.

For cooler climates include an appropriate heating system to maintain a warm atmosphere. Solar heating systems work well and are cost efficient. Heating lamps, wall units and floor heating are great options here. You could even consider a classic or contemporary fire place for that extra touch of elegance.

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