Ask the Sparky – Ceiling fans aren’t just for summer

Ceiling fans aren’t just for summer

Ceiling fans aren’t just for summer, a ceiling fan can be very useful for circulating warm air throughout your home and assisting with your heating needs during winter (be sure to flick the switch to the winter setting!). Because of the small amounts of electricity they use compared to other heaters and appliances, the use of a ceiling fan might even help your budget.

Always employ a fully qualified, licensed electrician to install your ceiling fan. Here are some tips for preparing for your fan installation:

* Choose the right sized fan for the room; for small to medium rooms (4 x 5m) a fan with 122cm blades will suffice; for larger rooms (6 x 6m) a fan with 132cm blades or larger will work better.

* Metal blade fans make a bit more noise than timber blade fans, however they do move more air. For this reason, metal blade fans are recommended for kitchens and living areas, and timber blade fans for bedrooms.

* Select where you want the fan to go. Generally, they are placed at the centre of most rooms and replace whatever light fixture may already be there. This serves the dual purpose of simplifying the installation and supplying a lot more air movement inside the room.

* Ideally, your ceiling fan should sit 30cm from the ceiling with 2.1m from the fan to the floor. Extension rods are available if you have high ceilings.

* Generally, there is little difference in performance between fans with 3, 4 or 5 blades so the choice of which is up to your design preference.

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