Ask The Sparky: How to tell a Good Sparky from a Dodgy one!

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Today’s question is “How can I tell a good sparky from a dodgy one?”

This has to be one of the most common questions I get asked as a sparky and it really just come down to 3 simple areas.

– Service

– Price

– Clean up.

The first point is how well the sparky completes the service. Ask your friends, family and neighbours about the service they received from the sparky. You can also look at online reviews on the sparky on websites like “True Local” or “One Flare”. However, if an electrical company is new and not many people have used them, try them out yourself! Call them for a quote for a simple task such as basic lighting etc. and see how they go! You would be trying out a new electrician and helping out a new business grow. I always make sure I always complete the job correcting and well the first time, hence our slogan FIRST TIME EVERY TIME. A sparky should want to provide the best customer service as possible as wells as keeping the cliental happy by completing the job well.

The second point is prices. The best thing to find out the cost of something you want/need done is to book a quote. A quote gives you a rough idea on how much everything will cost. Things can change in-between the quote and job completion, hence why a invoice is sent out after the job is completed. We understand that everyone wants the cheapest every thing! But sometimes if the sparky is too cheap they can provide a bad service and leave you with a worsen problem then you had originally. The best thing to do is to use the most affordable one, not the cheapest, but the most affordable one for your budget. Electrical work is not cheap as it is so I always try to make my prices affordable for people. You shouldn’t really put a price on the quality of work because more expensive places could provide dodgy work and Cheap places could provide great work. So best thing is to look at how the sparky provides service to you and if you like their service and price use them!

Finally the last point is Clean up. Clean up and tidy work is a big thing for clients. They do not want a sparky who makes a huge mess around their house or work place and then leaves it there for the places to clean up themselves. So, IF A SPARKY DOES NOT CLEANUP THEN ITS TIME TO THROW THEM IN THE TRASH! When completing a service for a client presentation is very important, it is just like any workplace! If the contractor has tools lying around every where and leaves a huge mess at the end of the day then that is not professional at all, and you should defiantly change sparkys. However, if the sparky cleans up and does not leave a mess at the end of the day, regardless of how big the job is, then that is a sparky you should be using, as they are professional. I always keep a clean work area and clean up and the end of each day, its professional and its just respectful for the client.


So overall there are three main areas to look out for when looking for a sparky:

                                     – Provide great service

                                      – Affordable Price

                                     – Has a professional and tidy presentation.

If you have any questions or you wish to book a quote please do not hesitate to contact us here at Tactical Electrical (02) 6369 1504.

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