Digital TV Antennas


As of the end of 2013 every analogue signal was switch off in Australia.

If you weren’t aware of this you probably do not watch t.v or you already had an digital ready television.

If you still have an analogue antenna chances are you do not have any signal. If this is the case then you need to call an licensed electrician to organise a digital antenna to be installed.

Who do I speak to about repairing, installing or testing my antenna?

Renting or Letting?

You need to speak to the landlord or property owner who will then organise an electrician.


You can call a licensed electrician to organise someone to come out and assist you.

Sharing an Antenna?

You need to speak with the owner of the building to organise an electrician.

Indoor Antennas?

The best thing with indoor antennas is to transfer to an outdoor digital antenna to receive a better signal.


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